Salsakompaniet is proud to present our official Salsa Band in cooperation with Tito Guevara & Rafael “Joel” Ortega. We offer live concerts, music seminars, dance classes with live music and live music for events and concepts. Our vision is to spread the art and culture through live latin music.



Tito Guevara is an ecuatorian musician that has been playing for over 30 years in Ecuador, France, UK and and Norway. Tito is mainly a master conga player, but he dominates the whole latin percussion family of instruments, such as: bongos, timbals, pandero, guiro, and maracas. In the world of Andean music, he is an experienced flute player. He is a craftaman, creating his own instruments, being percussion or Andean flutes. Since 2004 he is the creator and director of the most respected salsa band in Oslo, Sonora Cimarrón. Besides working with his salsa band, Tito works with his other project, Salsa Brava Quintet and cooperates with other latin jazz groups. He works in the Norwegian church as a musician and teaches percussion at the Music High School in Oslo, Norway.



Rafael "Joel" Ortega, Mr. Bongos", has been the official bongo player in the salsa group Sonora Cimarron since its foundation in 2004. For the last 15 years he has become the most respected bongo player in the salsa environment in Oslo, Norway, coining the name of Mr. Bongos for his passion and energy on stage while playing and dancing. Besides his main instrument, the bongos, Joel plays congas, maracas, guiro and all minor percussion instruments. Rafael "Joel" Ortega has cooperated with different soul, brazilian, pop and latin jazz groups in Norway. Besides playing salsa, he is working on his new project the "Oslo Latin Jazz Ensemble," where he conduct, write and play latin jazz.

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